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Self-worth is not determined by your occupation. Value is not determined by your work location.

The joy you bring to others has little to do with your wage. Your job or career will be a few words in your autobiography

It will not be the whole book, not even a whole page. All the incredible things that make you ‘you’

Can never be discovered by someone simply asking, ‘So what do you do?’

What you do from nine to five, is not the only way you thrive.

A job title is nothing more than a name, it is a spark, not your whole flame.

Jobs will come and go, that is fine, just continue to let your light shine.

Your heart, your smile, that drive, that style…

To this world you have so much to give. Life is not only about making a living

Make sure you live.

You are loved. You matter. Maybe those facts do not fit on a resume list

Perhaps you were created for such a time as this.

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