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Things She Never Told You

Love hurts.

Not a breakup that makes your heart ache

But an angry red mark from your dad’s hand across your face

 Hurtful pain followed by confusion as your cousin tries to comfort you

by saying ‘this is just something men do’

The scream but no one hears you pain,

as you realize the cycle you are destined to repeat.

Haunting pain that doesn’t allow you to sleep

If sleep comes, it filled with nightmares from which you can’t awaken

With hands that incessantly brush your cheek and feed you lies, leaving your soul shaken

And sad, hopeless whispers of “it’s just the way it is.”

Empty threats of other women claiming to give the perpetrator a piece of their mind

Just for their peace of mind

Harsh words that are given no merit

Words do nothing to stop the curse you are forced to inherit

By: Sarah Harbut

All Rights Reserved

This poem is continued in my soon to be published book.