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Sarah Harbut

Writer. Upcoming Author. Lover of Words.

Upcoming Memoir in 2023
Photo Credit: Quincy Edwards

Words are powerful, like fire. 

Fire is inspiring and beautiful.  Fire is
destructive and devasting.

Words also hold the power of beauty or destruction.

The difference lies in the power we give.

We get to choose if words will heal or cause pain.

What we speak, what we hear, what we write, what
we believe

It all has power.

Words are a form of art. Art is a form of

‘Less Fear More Fire’ is my personal account of various forms of fire and how they threatened my safety, my peace, and my future.

In the book I recall how I realized I had an even stronger fire inside of me, which changed the narrative. 

I chose beauty and inspiration over darkness
and destruction.

I’m ready to set the world on fire.

Less Fear More Fire coming 2023